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Andre Camelli, DC

Dr. Andre Camelli, a May of 2000 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic, owns and operates Life Quest Wellness Center in Cortland, Ohio, since its opening in 2001. At his practice, Dr. Camelli is dedicated to improving the quality of life of his patients by dramatically reducing the devastating effects of stress and subluxations. Dr. Camelli strives to empower each patient to be able to make informed decisions that will keep them and their families healthy. As a best-selling author, Dr. Camelli believes that educating people will not only help them feel better but will enable them to keep themselves healthy their entire lives.

Course Outline:
Thursday, November 3rd, 2022   1:30 -3:30pm

In this course, we will cover the primary applications of low-level laser on cellular function and improved ATP production. In addition, we identify the core sources of oxidative stress, free radical production and effective strategies to mitigate damage and enhance repair. We will explore immune system dysregulation and the mechanisms of autoimmune tagging and cross-over autoinflammatory responses. Finally, we will look closely at the brain and its defense mechanisms, including the glial cells and beta amyloid plaques.


Hour 1:

Intro to basic laser and basic physiology of low-level laser

•  Understanding Dysfunctional Mitochondria

•  Increased Oxidative Stress, Immune Dysregulation, Accelerated Aging, LLLT Role in improving the function of Mitochondria.


Hour 2:

Understanding Inflammatory Cascades, Gliosis, and Cognitive Decline

•  LLLT applications to downregulate NF Kappa

•  Beta and other epigenetic triggers of neurodegeneration

•  Basic Violet Laser Applications and Demonstration

•  This section will discuss the differences between 635nm and 405nm •Demo will include treatment duration differences between these two

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