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Trevor Berry,

Dr. Berry was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. He completed his pre-medicine requisites at the University of Calgary and went on to complete his Doctorate at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He graduated Magna Cum Laude, Salutatorian and was the recipient of many academic awards including the Parker Scholastic Excellence Award.  He went on to become a board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist in 2001 and has over 3000 hours in post-doctoral studies in neurology, functional medicine, and low-level laser therapy.


Dr. Berry is involved in multiple laser studies and has been the principal investigator on Level 1 FDA studies.  He is the founder of Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center and has been in practice for over 25 years in Chandler, AZ.  As an international speaker, Dr. Berry co-founded BTB Health Systems and lectures for nutrition companies, lab companies and about low-level laser.  Because lasers profoundly influenced his own health status and family, Dr. Berry has dedicated himself to bringing the innovative laser applications to the health care system.  Dr. Berry’s expertise stems from a deep personal interest to find ways that would help him treat these conditions and improve the lives of his family & patients alike.

Course Outline:
Thursday, November 4rd, 2022   1:15 -5:30pm

During this 4-hour presentation, join board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist & low-level laser expert Dr. Trevor Berry for exciting insight on the horizon for low-level laser technology research & new devices.  As a laser specialist, he raises high-level awareness of the need for these continued advancements by revealing how the central nervous and peripheral nervous systems affect the body.  These influencers stretch far beyond the complex inflammation & pain presentations in clinics to the global long-term neurological issues we are seeing today.

Dr. Berry’s background & extensive education will explore advanced treatments for the neurological and brain diseases that significantly affect our everchanging society.  He will give particular focus to musculoskeletal pain & neurological conditions and Dr. Berry’s treatment through advanced chiropractic care, lasers, labs, balance testing & nutrition.  Dr. Berry will show you a clear & straightforward path to invigorate your practice and energize you to change your life and the lives of your family & patients!


Hour 1:

  • Laser research

  • Laser neurology & neurodegeneration


Hour 2:

  • Understanding how chiropractic adjusting & techniques influence the central nervous system

  • Advanced pain & inflammation applications

Hour 3:

  • Condition-specific applications & their influence on the central nervous system & peripheral nervous system while lasers are applied

  • Common neurological & chiropractic condition applications

  • Advanced clinical applications using low-level laser technology

Hour 4:

  • Global need for non-invasive effective applications

  • Exciting new research in laser technology

  • What is on the horizon for low-level laser

  • New laser devices & applications

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