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Kristin Hieshetter, DC

Dr. Kristin Hieshetter is Doctor of Chiropractic, certified in Nutrition,  a metabolic biochemist, and a low-level laser specialist.  She graduated Magna Sum Laude from Central Michigan University, and while attending she supervised the medical microbiology laboratory  and biotechnology laboratory for 2 years. Dr. Hieshetter is a published Research Scholar in Mammalian Physiology.  Upon completion of her Bachelor of Science, she attended Chiropractic College in at Palmer in Davenport Iowa. Dr. Hieshetter’s highlighted achievements include the prestigious Vogt Leadership Society and Scholarship,  She earned  the Extern Recognition Award from Palmer College Clinics, was a teaching assistant in neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis, physical diagnosis, and radiology and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Palmer College. Dr. Hieshetter was a Keynote Speaker for The Seven Miracles of Chiropractic at Palmer Homecoming 2005. Her core expertise is in maximizing neurological function using chiropractic mediated facilitation, anti-inflammatory protocols, and Erchonia lasers. 

Dr. Hieshetter simultaneously owned and operated two clinics while living in Michigan. She was awarded the Newberry Michigan Chamber of Commerce Employer of the Year Award in March 2019. Dr. Hieshetter served as UP Chiropractic Association President from 2015-2019. At present, Dr. Hieshetter has opened a clinic in Florence South Carolina and has created a thriving operation during a global pandemic.


Through 2020 and 2021, Dr. Kristin has given several corporate wellness talks to women’s groups, and has served as a continuing telehealth coach for clientele nationwide. She has been a presenter for the Wdc ProGroup. She has been featured on the television show Carolina AM, WFXB Fox TV twice in 2021.

Course Outline:
Friday, November 4th, 2022   8:00 -10:00am

As low-level laser providers, we are an elitist group of doctors who are incorporating a modality that surpasses all others in its capacity to enhance patient recovery from more than just pain. The cellular effects of low-level laser therapy can regenerate tissue, re-awaken dormant neural circuits, and recover lost brain pathways. Most importantly, there is nearly always a reason to use Erchonia lasers on our patients. Join me in Orlando for an inspiring morning of laser applications, gut rebuilding protocols and case management in daily practice.

Learning Objectives:


•  Identify dysregulation in sympathetic, parasympathetic, autonomic, and enteric divisions of the nervous system.

•  Explain the critical role of nutrition in the gut brain axis

•  Create metabolic protocols using nutrition and supplementation that enhance clinical outcomes

•  Incorporate low level laser into daily practice by gaining insight into the ubiquitous nature of the cellular effects

Topics Include:

Hour 1:


Nervous System Break down and Low-Level Laser Therapy


•  Upregulation and downregulation of the central nervous system

•  The enteric nervous system and its feedback to the brain

•  Sympathetic and parasympathetic balance using low-level laser therapy

Nutritional protocols

•  Brain health and Bredeson Protocols

•  Understanding the role of glycation and lectins in clinical longevity protocols

•  Clinical correction of gut health for optimal enteric nervous system function


Hour 2:

Common Clinical Applications of Low-Level Laser Therapy

•  Examinations, laser recommendations through the phases of care, maintenance adjustments using low level laser

•  Common conditions and laser treatment protocols

•  Case Studies

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