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Brett Jarosz , DC, CPC, DABCO

Brett Jarosz is an ACA endorsed Fellow Sports & Exercise Chiropractor (AICE 2019) who consults in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. He has a strong practice interest in athletic and sporting injuries; neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation; corrective exercise strategies; and optimizing athletic performance. Besides Sports & Exercise chiropractic, Brett also has practice interests in clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation, particularly concussion and persistent symptoms post-concussion (post-concussion syndrome), as well as ME/CFS (including post viral syndrome).

For the past decade, Brett lectured within the Chiropractic degrees at RMIT University in Melbourne, and currently maintains a role as a lecturer for a number of post-graduate education programs including: The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS); and Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR). In 2017, he commenced a position with the World Surf League, working as a part of the allied heath team at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Course Outline:
Friday, November 4rd, 2022   10:15 -12:15pm

The worldwide healthcare climate has drastically changed in the last three years and thus, a transition that has surprised physicians & patients alike. Australians are very familiar with these circumstances, having faced some of the most stringent codes & laws regarding healthcare lockdown & regulation. As a leading physician from Australia with a background in chiropractic, neurology & orthopaedics, Dr. Jarosz's knowledge & experience has been highly impactful. He specialized in assessment & diagnostic tools for patient presentations to provide chiropractic multi-modality management. This course will explore global projections & strategies for laser application's steadfast expansion. In addition, Dr. Jarosz will highlight his contactless laser experience as a technology that has made intense leaps for his country & the world at large.

Finally, having a passion for sports medicine, Dr. Jarosz frequently travels Australia to maximize the performance & recovery of the nation's leading surfing athletes. He is excited to share the experience of these journeys spotlighting how laser technology has increased his clinical & mobile application triumphs.

Topics Include:

Hour 1:


  • Global projections & strategies for effective neurological modalities

  • Non-thermal, contactless laser solutions

  • The growing need for safe home laser use of low-level lasers


Hour 2:

  • Successful specialty competitive sports laser applications

  • Mobile laser clinic

  • Case studies & video demonstrations of competitive sports tournaments

    • Soft tissue & physiological therapeutics

    • Rehabilitation & neurorehabilitation

    • Surfing injuries

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